Respect, Integrity, Passion

Since 1977, our mission is to give you the opportunity to discover the latest trends in plumbing fixtures.

We are always on the lookout for new exclusive lines.

Our team is not only passionate but also experts when it comes to plumbing fixtures. We are here to offer you support in your endeavours, and to suggest products best suited to your needs.

Our values: respect, integrity, passion, human approach, and professional conscience.

We build our partnerships on a basis of passion,personal approach, and a constant need to innovate.

Our goal: work as a team to offer you a comprehensive service, share our expertise, and our discoveries.


Batimat was established in 1977, out of a family of marble, ceramic, and stone importers.

It all began in 1948, when Dominique Calabrese, my grand father, imported marble and granite, and transformed the stones in his Terrebonne warehouse into tiles for construction. His three children joined the company, years later, and opened distribution centers in the greater Montreal area.

My father, Matthew Calabrese, became an associate in a ceramic tile importation company in 1968, and dominated the market for many years.

In 1977, following our father’s wishes for his children to work together in a tile and stone business, Batimat was founded.

It was in 1979 that Batimat got acquainted with companies such as Kohler, Maax, Rubi, and saw an opportunity to add a plumbing fixture division to the business.

Since then, and up until the acquisition of Batimat by the EMCO Corporation in 2005, our mission has always been to take part in international trade shows and bring back the latest in sanitary fashion.

To this day, I am proud to see that the mission remains the same and continues to evolve.

Robert Calabrese, founder of Batimat