Picture of the Batimat Family

Team members

Photo of Magali Tocco

Magali Tocco

General Manager
, I have the pleasure of being surrounded by an extraordinary team and innovative partners. Always on the lookout for fresh ideas, I value everyone’s input and opinion. As anyone will tell you, I’m a fan of travelling, sports, great food, and wine! After an 8 months trip around the world I am more passionate and inspired than ever!
Photo of Mélanie Frappier

Mélanie Frappier

Senior Consultant
I’ve been a part of Batimat’s team since 2004. In my work, I rely on my excellent sense of organisation and the attention I give to even the smallest details in my clients’ projects. Outside of work, I’m an avid dancer, I have a passion for design, and enjoy spending time outdoors with my family. A well kept secret of mine: I hate Sheppard’s Pie!
Photo of Marie-Claude Maillé

Marie-Claude Maillé

Senior Consultant
For the past 30 years, I’ve worked in the field of bathroom and kitchen planning. My experience in the field is reassuring to my clients taking on big projects. Having studied Environmental Design at UQAM, I’ve kept my passion for design alive in my work. My colleagues enjoy working with me for my sarcastic sense of humour. I’m always available to answer even the most arduous of questions!
Photo of Chantale Hamel

Chantale Hamel

Senior Consultant
When I started, I thought I would stay about six months, and here I am, more than 30 years later! When you work with the best, it’s hard to go anywhere else! What I love, is to work with extremely passionate and enthusiastic people!
Photo of Anastasia Viney

Anastasia Viney

Operations and Planification
I grew under the Mauritius sun and I am very happy to be part now of this wonderful team! Here, you can hear me sing and laugh from the other side of the showroom!
Photo of Simon Bilodeau

Simon Bilodeau

I have been buyer for Batimat since 2011. Having worked mostly in IT and customer service, my position allows me to explore every aspect of the company. I love the atmosphere and conditions at work, we have a lot of fun! Keeping my home life out of the office is important to me, but I accepted to disclose a bit of personal information and share with you that I love video games!
Photo of Matthew Calabrese

Matthew Calabrese

Senior Consultant
We could say that I was born at Batimat, and after spending most of my childhood here, I started working here during summers at the age of thirteen. I had the opportunity to work in receiving, delivery, customer service, sales, and special projects coordination. I am a real asset for our clients, and for the Batimat family!
Photo of Gabrielle Chapdelaine

Gabrielle Chapdelaine

Having studied Interior Design at Dawson College, I never thought I would specialise in plumbing! But the many opportunities the company offers allow me to innovate and better myself every day. I am a passionate person, with a touch of crazy! Interesting detail: I am certified in artistic and special effects make-up!
Photo of Karine Perreault

Karine Perreault

Showroom Manager
People skills!
My career at Batimat started in 2013, and hasn’t stopped evolving since! My position as territory representative has allowed me to meet a lot of fascinating people. I’m a very sociable person and am passionate about my work. Outside of work, it’s all about family and camping!
Photo of Dorina Lefort

Dorina Lefort

Good spirit!
I try to help people as soon as they need it: you call me and I am there! Team spirit is important to me, and at Batimat, we are truly a family: we treat each other with respect and dignity. Always dynamic and in good spirits, if you call, you can definitely count on me!
Photo of Eric Lee

Eric Lee

Shipping Clerk
Smile, always!
I’ve been a part of the Batimat team since 2011, working in the parts department, assisting the warehouse director, and now as shipping department supervisor. I was able to adapt to many different fields in the past, but quickly learned to stay away from anything to do with electricity! I’m always available and smiling, I always find myself attracted to very positive people.
Photo of Vanessa Di Pietro

Vanessa Di Pietro

Human ressources/relationship
My mission: To Manage Human Ressources My passion: DIY! I like creating with concrete as much as making Jewelry
Photo of Violette Tarverdian

Violette Tarverdian

Let’s dance!
I eat checks for breakfast, a credit card salad for lunch, and a few $100 bills for dinner. My smile is proportional to the payments I receive, or make. And my motto: good accounts make good friends! You guessed it, I’m an Accountant for this great company that I am very proud of!
Photo of Greg Kyriakopoulos

Greg Kyriakopoulos

Customer Service- Technical Support
Machinist by trade, I’ve been with Batimat since 2004. I have a great knowledge of spare parts, and am able to find a solution for any type of problem. My colleagues know me for the love I have for my family, great food, photography, cars, and mostly, my naps! Batimat always has our wellbeing at heart, and I love that!
Photo of Christos Phaneuf

Christos Phaneuf

Customer service
I will do everything to help you! I am happy to have join Batimat Family and passionate about learning all the technical information that wil allow me to solve your issues!
Photo of Christine Gagnon

Christine Gagnon

Project Manager
Satisfaction above all!
My interest in design and architecture is what brought me to Batimat in 1993. After all these years, the enthusiasm is still there, and stronger than ever! I am able to take advantage of my expertise and project management skills, from residential to the biggest commercial projects we do!